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Bangkok, Thailand

I’ve arrived at Bangkok around 8pm and took a cab to my hotel. I didn’t know my hotel is in Chinatown. When I arrived it looked like a really upscale hotel. I mean it claims that it’s a four star hotel. But as soon as I walked into my room, I was almost fainting. There was such stinky heavy smell in the room. I’ve tried to open the windows but they were sealed. There was no way to get some fresh air. I put a complaint to the reception but all they could do is to place an air purifier which didn’t help at all. I started walking even though I was really tired just so I don’t need to deal with the smell. I’ve walked around Chinatown and everything was happening so fast. Even though it was late night, there were so many people walking, all of them yelling at each other and everybody was trying to sell something. The road was full of signs that says “Beware of pickpockets”. Lovely! I realized I need some cash as nowhere seemed to accept credit cards. I’ve used an ATM and this is the first time it tried to charge me a transaction fee and it was 220 Baht. It’s over 7 USD and comparing how cheap the country is, this was the highest transaction fee I’ve ever seen. The internet wasn’t working so I couldn’t check anything and had no idea where to go. I kept walking until my internet started working again and it took almost one hour. I had no signal ever in Chinatown. While walking I’ve found a restaurant called “Thipsamai” which turns out one of the most famous restaurant over there. There were so much line even at 2am. I happily waited just so I can get to eat. I had my first Pad Thai wrapped in egg. It tasted amazing. All my tiredness and problems went away after eating it. Also they gave me some orange juice and it was like nothing I’ve ever tasted before. It was fresh, sweet and amazing in taste. I couldn’t stop drinking it more and more and more. I took a cab back to my hotel.

The next morning, I’ve woken up at 4am as usual. Started walking toward the Wat Trai Mit(Golden Buddha Temple). When I arrived there was a lady with tickets at the door. I kept looking at her face but she didn’t say anything. I’ve pointed the tickets and she turned her face away. So I kept walking confused and she didn’t ask for a ticket. The temple was really unique. So many different small drawings all made with stones and they were all really shiny. Then I headed towards the Wat Pho (Laying Buddha). I’ve walked through some really narrow streets with many shops. A lot of ladies were just sitting on the ground in front of the store and waiting for them to be opened. Then I reached to the Wat Pho. It was really shiny, really unique, really big and amazing. It’s amazing to know such a building was built at 1788. Then I started walking toward The Grand Palace. Along the way few people stopped me and they acted like an official employee. They told me I can’t enter with shorts because people will be praying and they seemed super nice at first. Then they kept telling me what other nice areas I can visit. Everything was really nice until I’ve realized they were trying to sell me tickets for the tricycle taxis. When he started talking about money I said no thank you. They tried to push me inside the taxi and I kept saying no. I had to walk away without talking to them anymore and they kept yelling “Come back”, “Where are you from”. This is one of the weirdest thing I realized in Bangkok. When you refuse to talk to them, they always ask where you’re from. I guess it’s a good conversation starter but still weird that everyone asks the same thing. After walking away from those guys I’ve gone into the Grand Palace. They were right, they didn’t allow me to walk in with shorts. But they were selling something to put on for 200 Baht. I’ve just purchased that and walked in. The palace was so amazing and so big. There were so many jewelry looking buildings all really shiny and nice. I’ll let the photos do the talking here;

I wanted to see inside the palace as well but they didn’t let me in. When I said why they answered “Because Europeans stole from us”. Even though I found it funny, this was the first time I was hearing such a statement. From the palace, I’ve walked to Sao Chingcha area. I’ve found cut pineapple ready to eat. It was just 20 baht which is ridiculously cheap and it was so tasty! I kept walking north to the Ban Phan Thom area. There wasn’t much except bunch of hostels for backpackers and a lot of houses. I’ve taken a cab and went to the Victory Monument in Ratchathewi area. I walked down the Ratchaprarop Rd, and then started walking on the Phetchaburi Rd. Then I reached to the Rama I Rd. This is the main road with dozens of shopping malls along the way. I’ve walked all the way to the Terminal 21. It’s a giant shopping mall with each floor dedicated to a different city in the world. You enter toward London and you go up to the Istanbul. It was enormous. So many shops. I think Bangkok is a main destination who wants to shop for good price. I’ve walked across the street to get famous Thai massage. I wasn’t feeling my feet anymore due to walking 40,000 steps on average a day. It felt soooo goood. From there I went back to my hotel to change my clothat and my stomach was doing really good.

I went back to my hotel to rest a bit and my plan was to go to a rooftop bar with amazing views but I’ve fallen asleep before even I realized. Next day I’ve gone to the Silom Rd. It’s another famous road with a lot of shopping and good brands. I’ve used the tricycle taxis and while driving he said we need to make a 10 minute stop. He kept saying spend 10 minutes for me. I didn’t understand and finally he put a stop at a dress store and told me to spend 10 minutes inside. Then I understood what’s going on. They bring you to a shop so they can con you and share the profit. I was a bit scared as he was holding the door so I’d not get out and the guy was really insisted on selling something. I had to be loud and keep repeating I don’t want anything. Then I just walked away. Thinking back, I shouldn’t have smiled at him and just said NO. Keep it in mind if you’re visiting Thailand. Don’t try to be nice to them or they’ll try to rip you apart. You shouldn’t talk to people on the streets, don’t let them stop you, don’t get bothered and just keep saying no without smiling. Otherwise they’ll take you for granted and get pissed if you stop listening to them in the middle. But even with few scary times and being pushed around and pushing people away, it was really fun with delicious food. I’m so happy to get to know their culture.

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