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Barcelona, Spain


I’ve arrived here late afternoon. The airport is really close to the downtown. Took the bus and I was at the central square with a lot of pigeons around me. Started walking down the busiest street knowing it would take me to the coast. There were so many pretty girls. I was impressed by how young, happy, pretty and well dressed everyone was like. I’ve walked down the coast and to a half island with a shopping mall. I’ve taken one of the main roads to go to my hotel slowly. I’ve booked my hotel up north close to Park Guell so I can check it out really early morning next day.


Also my best friend David told me Barcelona has really good sushi. So I was dying to try it out. I’ve checked out the house of Gaudi and then some other buildings along the way. There were street performers all over the place. I went to the best sushi place in town but I didn’t like it much. It was ok. Later when I talked to David, he kept denying talking about good sushi in Barcelona. I’ve ubered to my hotel and finally rest. The next day I’ve woken up really early to make sure I don’t miss anything.  I’ve started walking to park Guell.


The building was really interesting but not met my expectations. When you see the photos of it, you always assume there’s more to see. Unfortunately, there’s nothing else to see. It’s this one building with really creative walls and that’s it. I’ve started walking to my second attraction Sagrada Família. 


Along the way I’ve found a highly rated restaurant to try some tapas which are really famous over there. I’ve ordered 8 different plates from a menu as they were all 1-3$ each. Some of them were delicious, some of them were terrible. And then there was some crunchy red meat that tasted well until it started feeling really weird. I’ve asked the waiter to see what it is. He told me “ear”. I was sure he didn’t know English. I was praying for him to not know English!! I’ve called my friend David and told him about the situation. He told me Spanish people love to eat pig’s ear. I was grossed out and wanted to puke. I’ve felt dizzy and lightheaded for over an hour. I started walking around to forget about it and went to the Sagrada Familia.


It was so fascinating. It had so many statues built into the walls of it. When you look from outside you just think it’s a building with some weird shape. But once you’re clos      e, you start seeing all these different statues and stories being told in the walls. It was so amazing and I couldn’t even count how many stories and statues were embedded in the walls. I’ve walked down to the downtown part of the town. I’ve enjoyed the beaches over there. It was sunny, warm but windy. Perfect weather except I didn’t realize how much I’m getting burned and got tanned in couple hours. Most beaches over there are nude beaches so everyone was walking their all parts visible 🙂


I’ve been to a nude beach before in Toronto, Canada but over there everyone was really old so it wasn’t a pleasant place to be. But Barcelona was full of young and pretty girls so have no complaints! Over there I found a highly rated restaurant and it was time to try their highly suggested food paella. They brought it with a fully alive-looking shrimp. It was just looking into my eyes and asking me to eat it. It was so delicious.


Unfortunately it was the end of my Europe travel. Had to catch my plane to head back to Zurich, Switzerland to see my brother and then fly to Turkey. 

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