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Budapest, Hungary

We took the train to the Budapest from Vienna. It was a 3 hours trip. When we got out of the train, there were a lot of drunk and high people walking around. People were screaming for no reason and some people were laying on the floor. Some of them was puking due to overdose and we all got a bit freaked out about the situation. When we got out of the station, everything was back to normal. We Uber-ed to our hotel which was Star Inn. I’ve taken a quick walk around and everyone seem to be really young and having a lot of fun. Budapest is famous with its’ young population and its’ partying culture due to everything is being super cheap. I’ve bought some stuff from a grocery store and he asked for 900 forints. At first I thought it’s so expensive and he’s just conning me for being a tourist. But afterwards I’ve converted the currency and it was just 3$ 🙂 We started walking around the next morning and all the buildings were old and gorgeous like the rest of the Europe. We’ve visited the Opera house and St. Stephan’s Basilica. The most beautiful building was the Parliament building. The city is divided into two towns. Danube river separates the Buda and Pest. That’s where the city gets its’ name. From the two major towns divided by Danube river. We wanted to have a nice breakfast and looked up top rated places. We had a breakfast at Cafe Gerbeaud. We didn’t realize how luxury it was until we wanted to change our table. The second we started carrying the plates, almost 10 waitresses started running towards us and asking us to let them carry it. Then I realized there were three different types of waitresses separated by the color of their uniform. One group was responsible for taking the orders, one for bringing the food and one for cleaning the tables. Never seen a breakfast place like this before. Then we started wondering around and it had some crowded, really old street which reminded me of Istiklal street in Istanbul. It was fun to walk and take some photos. Then we reached the Tuna river and there were multiple bridges to cross. I was lucky enough to pick the bridge which had the Nascar race happening right when we were walking there. We took a stop and watched the amazing cars, drifting and racing with each other. Then we passed to the other side of the bridge and then started hiking through a mountain.

In the half way, we realized the Formula 1 race started in the same bridge and we just watched it from a high and good vintage point. We’ve reached the Buda castle. There were archery with old bows and arrows right in the castle. We didn’t miss the opportunity to feel like old warriors.

The castle had a really good vintage point(No wonder why they’ve chosen the location). It oversees the whole city. They have started some acrobatic jet show right in front of the castle. It was so much fun to watch them fly by from such a high point. It felt like they were flying for us. Before we could believe how lucky we were they’ve started acrobatic helicopter show. We were just walking by the river and enjoying the amazing natural beauty with all the acrobatic shows. When we were asking ourselves what else can they do, they brought a big commercial plane to do some acrobatic show.

It was like a day with non-ending amusement. Only part I couldn’t check out was their really famous natural spas with underground water. I had to take my flight to next destination so couldn’t check it out 🙁 Definitely will visit it again and this time will leave enough time to visit spas!

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