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Diving in Oahu

We scheduled 2 dives with Oahu diving company. The location is really close to the Waikiki beach. We hired an uber for 8$ to go there. They seemed like cool people.  We started dressing up our scuba suits. We sailed off shore for about half an hour and we were at the dive site. It’s been a while since my last dive so I was a bit nervous as they prepared all the gear and we never done the buddy check. What if you can’t breath through your regulator right? I did make a big step into the ocean an start sinking slowly. The first breath you take underwater makes you feel alive again. Isn’t it funny how we keep risking our lives and get happy for basic things that we do millions of times every day. Then I started thinking about equalizing my ears. The last dive I had was a misery because I couldn’t equalize them really well. But nothing happened this time. We slowly sank and started swimming around. Two minutes into the dive we met with a hundreds of yellow fishes. It’s inexplicable how they swim with you and how they run away the second you make a sudden move.

OahuDiving2Couple of minutes later we’ve seen a turtle. It started swimming with us. The dive master started taking photos of us. Of course I couldn’t stop myself from going from one shape into another to catch the perfect shot with the turtle. Oh btw, it’s 25,000$ fine to touch them so think about how I was trying really hard to be as close as possible without actually touching it 🙂 After a bit more swimming we’ve seen a small shark, saw fish and then a small octopus.

OahuDiving1I was a bit scared at first but the dive master hold it and started padding its’ head. It looked so cute that I wanted to do the same. The second I’ve brought my hand close the octopus jumped on my hand and started sucking it in. It was such a weird feeling. It has really strong suckers. After playing with it little bit and having my cool photo taken, I wanted to drop it. But it liked me so much that it didn’t let me go. I was taking it’s legs off one by one but the second I’m taking one off, it was putting the other one back on. I didn’t wanna hurt it so it became really hard to get rid of it without hurting. Luckily one of the other divers wanted to touch it and octopus jumped into his hands so I was worry free keeping my diving 🙂 I’ve checked my right hand and it was completely bruised. I’ve got scared thinking it’s some kind of poison from the octopus but I’ve looked at my other hand and it was the same color. Then I’ve realized it’s just the water and how the light is changing color. We finished our dive and had a really good chat with the owner of the company. After that we were exhausted and head back to our hotel. I couldn’t keep my eyes open until the next morning:)

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