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Driving to the Tallest Mountain in the World – Mauna Kea


The last day of the trip. I was tired of non-stop hikes and adventures. I decided to visit Mauna Kea which is the biggest and tallest mountain in the earth(We know Everest as the highest mountain because more than half of Mauna Kea is actually underwater). It was an easy adventure compared to the rest I’ve done in Hawaii. You just sit in a car and watch the engine going crazy because of the steep hill. But luckily I made it to the visitor center without any problems and taken some cool photos. Again I was above the clouds and it looked impressive. Pass the visitor center there’s a road that goes up to 15,000 feet elevation but it’s not paved so you need 4-wheel drive with a powerful engine. I’ve thought about hitchiking but didn’t have much reason as when I checked out the photos of it, it was the same view with the visitor center. So I called it a day and then head back to my hotel and enjoyed the amazing view formed by lava walls cutting the waves of the ocean which would create huge lagoons. Goodbye Hawaii, it was a week well-spent 🙂


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