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Frankfurt, Germany


I’ve taken the bus from Zurich, Switzerland to Frankfurt, Germany. It was a red eye trip. I’ve onboarded to the bus around 11.45pm and reached to Frankfurt around 7am. I’ve started walking around and the first fancy building I’ve seen was the bus station itself. It had an old German structure with statues on top of it carrying the world. Then I’ve looked at my map and started walking towards the river. The weather was really cold even though it was sunny. When I’ve reached the river, it was breathtaking.


It has an amazing walking path surrounded by really cute trees and the amazing view of the river. A lot of people were jogging and none of them seem to care about the cold. After walking next to the river for half an hour, I’ve p   assed to the other side of the river and checked out couple of old churches and buildings. There weren’t many old buildings as Frankfurt is one of the newest towns in Germany. I’ve been told it was designed to be the business district of Europe. There are a lot of new glassy high rises filling the downtown area. It’s a city to live in. It’s pleasantly designed with really nice people inside. It has a view that you wouldn’t get bored even if you were to watch it every day. It’s filled with really green environment. I’ve started walking towards the downtown area. There was a farmers market with amazingly smelling fresh fruits. I’ve bought a cup with a mixed fruits. The guy turned out to be Turkish so I didn’t have to try to speak in my broken German. Afterwards I’ve walked around the downtown and all the streets were really clean and new. While I was passing by one of the high rises I was just looking up and not seeing where I’m going. When I took my head down there was a girl sitting right in front of me with her golden hair shining. She was reading a book and not mining the cold at all. I asked her what’s that building is. It turned out to be a bank. Surprisingly all the high rises with amazing views are banks! I wonder how much money they make to be everywhere and all the nice buildings. But anyways, I’ve started chatting with her. She had an amazing smile and she was so friendly. Quickly we became friends and started walking together. She was there for a table tennis tournament and it was her first time too.  I was getting sick so my nose was running and the cold weather was not helping at all. Not to mention that it feels awful to have a running nose when you meet such a nice girl and trying to hang out together. I was sure I’ll get her sick but she didn’t(It must be the German blood). She was so scared to talk when I asked her if she likes to be German. She was scared of me judging her being racist and Hitler supporter. Only thing she didn’t know is I don’t judge anyone by their history and their opinions. The chat was amazing and we’ve started walking around and found a nice coffee shop. I’ve finally enjoyed a warm tea with lemon and honey. It was the best thing after pulling my nose so many times in front of her. I was finally able to breath and talk like a normal human being. After resting there a bit, we’ve started walking around to find something to eat. We got into a mall and surprisingly Burger King was one of the busiest stores. Hard to admit we were also in line there 🙂 We spent hours talking and then walked around to the center of the city. It was time for us to separate our ways. I’ve walked her to her car and I’ve started walking towards the Palmengarten


They had so many different styles of flowers and they were all really pretty. I was exhausted from non stop walking and I had another red eye bus from Frankfurt to Berlin that night. Wanted to take a rest and ta-da. The garden had long chairs to lay down and enjoy the sunshine. It was sunny but not hot. I remember laying down there and then suddenly falling asleep. There was a small touch of the breeze with amazing smells of the flowers with a shining sun right behind the trees with all different colored leaves. It was spring and it felt a lot like spring. Germany is one of the lucky countries which gets all four seasons. I headed to the bus station again to take my bus to Berlin. It was a long day with non stop runny nose but I had so much fun. And I was scared of germans hating Turks because of so many ridiculous people we have over there but she was so nice. It’s been months and we still are in touch and I’m looking forward to see her again! 


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