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Hong Kong

After an early morning flight, I’ve arrived at Hong Kong. I’ve been having really good time so far until I’ve reached to Hong Kong. The immigration officer stopped me and sent me for questioning. They were really rude, short and hostile. They asked why are you here? I’ve told them to visit and they were like “Why?”. They wanted to see all my documents, all the cash I have, all the information about me. They forced me to unlock my phone and went through my messages and photos which was really offending. They took the IMEI number of my phone, made me sign some documents and kept forcing me to tell them each and every place I’ll visit. I told them I don’t remember the names as they’re not English names but they didn’t care. They kept going back and forth and we spent over an hour questioning. After some point, I don’t know what happened but they’ve finally let me in.

After dropping my bags at the hotel started walking in between high rises hoping to find a good local restaurant. Then I’ve seen a place called “Very Good Seafood Restaurant”. I thought it’s silly but still checked the reviews and it really had good reviews. I’ve walked in and ordered Jellyfish, some fish dish and long mussels. All were super tasty.

Then I stopped by a dry cleaner to have my clothes cleaned because I’ve been traveling for almost two weeks and was about to have no clean clothes left. I’ve just walked around Kowloon area. It’s a lot of high rises with some malls inside and many many shops. Then I took the subway to go to the Hong Kong island. It’s funny that the whole area is called Hong Kong but also one of the islands is the actual Hong Kong. They have a big mountain over there that you can ride a tram and go to the peak point and see the whole city beneath you. I’ve gone there right around sunset so I got to watch both the day light and also night time of Hong Kong from a really good point. It was unbelievable to see how many high rises were aligning up next to each other. It was like a giant city fit into a really small place.

The next day I’ve visited the Kowloon station which is a subway station with a huge mall next to it. I’ve tried some Hong Kong food there like Kanji and shark fins noodle soup. Didn’t like any of them. Neither the waitresses. They were so rude and didn’t give any time to think at all. And when they bring the bill, they just keep staring at you and the bill while you’re giving the tip. I asked for her to leave it but she said not until you sign it. I’ve taken the subway to go to the Harbor city and just sit across the ocean from Hong Kong island and watched all the high rises. The weather was so hot I couldn’t stand for a long time even under the shade.

I’ve taken the subway to Kwai Fong and went to the Metroplaza. Had some local food there as well and took the subway back to the Hong Kong island and went to the Lan Kwai Fong(LKF) which is the most famous night scenery in Hong Kong. They have many bars, clubs and everything else you’d look for. I was really tired so couldn’t last longer than a beer. Than went to a really old local desert place but it didn’t taste good neither.

I was pretty much done with Hong Kong and ready for departure. Except the amazing view of the high rises, Hong Kong has nothing to offer in my perspective except rude people, fast paced walking and really humid weather.

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