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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is the capitol of Malaysia which is one of the most developed Muslim country. It made its’ way to my travel list by luck. I had couple extra days that I was going to spend in Tokyo and realized Google suggests it as one of the best cities to visit in Asia and they had a perfect flight from 23:45 to 7:00. So I got to fly there without wasting any time on the road. Even though it’s a developed country it’s still really cheap compared to USA. Airport is about an hour away from the city center but luckily uber costs only 80 MYR which is about 18.5 USD. I’ve come to my hotel to check in and realized there are soldiers waiting on the door. I was kinda scared but did my check in anyway. Then went up to my unit and it was huge in space (1 bedroom unit) with everything you’d need including a washer and dryer. But it wasn’t long after I’ve realized that some walls have cracks, kitchenette stuff are dirty and the internet is really slow. Then I went for a walk around and found one of the shopping areas in Bukit Bintang. They had some really nice malls but that was it. The weather was super-hot and humid. From there I took a cab and went to the Flea market in Chinatown.  When you search for attractions on Google it’s one of the top sights to see. It’s this huge flea market with really narrow streets and fake brands. So if you want to do some shopping without paying anything it’s the right spot. There were so many motorists everywhere and they drive crazy. No body stops for you, so you need to jump in between them. From the flea market you can keep walking north and there are a lot of street food, street shops and stuff to do. After walking for over an hour I took a cab back to my hotel.

After resting for the night I woke up early next morning to see the remaining places. I went to the KLCC park and was so surprise to see all these high rises and super clean and wide streets with amazing views. Turns out this is where the rich part of Kuala Lumpur is at. Everything was so nice and glory. They have Patronas towers over here. There’s a bridge from the first tower to the other one and it sees the whole Kuala Lumpur. It’s a really famous tourist attraction so if you plan to go there buy your tickets early. I didn’t know this and been told they’re sold out for the next four days 🙁 I was able to get in to the aquarium and was really impressed with the tunnel that goes inside the aquarium where they have sharks and stuff. I called a cab and went to the bird park as my last stop. It’s a giant complex with so many different birds. It took me over two hours to walk around.

I was impressed by how many high rises are right next to really poor neighborhoods and how some streets are super clean and luxury while next ones are in complete mess. You feel super safe for a moment and super unsafe for the another. But at the end, it was delicious food and interesting culture and really happy to be there.

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