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I’ve taken the ferry form Hong Kong at 12.30 pm and reached Macao around 1.30pm. I thought customs should be an easy deal since I’m coming with a ferry from Hong Kong. But not at all. The officer looked at my documents and called some help. They took me to a room and asked for some documents. They started checking my passport and travel documents. Then they wanted to see my employment verification. I’ve given them my employment verification and payslips. They asked to see my cash. I’ve given them all my cash and they requested to see my photos. I’ve unlocked my phone and they went through my photos and also copied the IMEI number of my phone. They kept asking for why I’m visiting, what attractions I’ll see and they wanted me to name the places. It took almost an hour and they finally let me in. Sooo annoyingg. I took a cab from ferry terminal to St. Paul’s Ruins. It was nice and it’s next to a small town with many shops.

I’ve walked around, tried some jerky and kept walking to the grand circle where some casinos are. I’ve stopped by one of them and gambled a bit. I lost all my money so fast I didn’t even realize how. I played Baccarat which is the famous game of Asia. Rules are simple. You sum up the card’s value and look at the last digit. If you get 3, 1 you get 4 points. If you get 8, 6 = 14 so you get 4 points. You don’t touch anything. The dealer deals for the house and also the player. Or so called “Player”. Basically the house plays against itself and you bet on one of them and win or lose depending on who gets the higher point. It was so boring. Later I took to the bus to the Venettian. It was a huge hotel with casinos and restaurants just like in Vegas. I’ve had some food over there and after walking a bit I get bored and took a cab to the airport. I’ve spent almost 7 hours at the airport and it was much more fun to just have an internet connection and search stuff online than being at a casino. And in case you’re thinking of using Macau’s airport think twice. Credit cards are not accepted. There are only couple restaurants one being MyDonalds. And there’s really limited number of power sockets. I was soo ready for my next destination Seoul!

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