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Manta Ray dive in Big Island

MantaRayI’ve landed in Kona and the airport is built on Lava. It was quite an experience to see that. And also this was the first open airport I’ve seen in my life. What do I mean by open airport ? It’s literally open. There’s some security fences around but that’s about it. One restaurant and one gift shop is a small building and the rest doesn’t have any building except some ceilings to prevent sun from burning your brain 🙂 I’ve rented my car and started driving to my hotel. I’ve stayed at Royal Kona Resort which was an ok hotel with amazing view. After leaving all my stuff behind I’ve driven to the Big Island Divers for our Manta Ray dive. They gave us the meeting location and we’ve driven over there. I’ve met with couple of really cool people over there. We’ve sailed when the day was still light as I’ve puchased the twilight + night dive. So you dive when it’s still bright to see some cool sea creatures and also get familiar with the dive location and then you make the night dive with Mantas. We didn’t see many creatures during the day dive but we did see two mantas even though it wasn’t dark yet. Mantas are gigantic creatures which doesn’t have anything to harm you. They don’t have teeth, they don’t have any attack mechanism and their throat is so small even though you ended up in their mouth, they wouldn’t swallow you. They usually go into the light during the night as it collects plankton. They feed through eating them. In order not to mess their life style we don’t feed them in extra. We basically hold up a strong light which makes plankton to be collected(as they come to the light) and then Mantas come super close to you and then feed through the plankton. They do have organic tissue sensors like sharks so they don’t hit you(Usually). I’ve enjoyed them coming so close to my head and then passing by without touching you at all. I was moving my head towards them to feel their skin but they were too fast 🙂 This is how they survive btw. They have a really fast maneuver ability. But with the strong current in the ocean they did touch me couple of times. You watch their mouth really close by when they swim through you. When they open their mouth you see their throat and lounges. Bunch of times I was sure they’ll try to eat me but they just make a fast maneuver and turn their direction right before hitting you. I’ve enjoyed each second of this dive. After the dive, I was freezing and exhausted. I’ve just went back to my hotel to rest.

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