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Paris, France

I’ve landed to Paris late night and all I wanted to do was to arrive at my hotel. I’ve been warned by my friends on being careful there as not many people talks in English. Even though the ones who can speak English refuses to speak unless you start talking in French and ask them politely to speak in English. As my friend says, French people like to see you try. Unfortunately the Google Maps didn’t work for checking the public transportation in Paris when I got there. I couldn’t find how to reach my hotel. So I’ve stopped a guy and started talking in my broken French. “Bonjour mosyo, parle wu Angle?”. I was lucky he said “yes” and we started chatting. He explained to me how to get to my hotel. I’ve bought my tickets and then reached to area of Eiffel tower. Luckily walking directions were working in Google maps so I’ve found my hotel without any problem. It was a really old hotel with old style elevators with the doors you close manually. Everything was so old and so like Paris. I was having too much fun as being a romantic and watching all these movies about love in Paris and finally I was there! I’ve slept really fast and was up and ready for a long day the next morning. Best part of Paris is all the attractions are so walkable from one to other and they’re all built next to the river so you can just follow the river and enjoy the amazing view while visiting each attraction one by one. I’ve walked to the one of the top attraction. But it was just a high rise. Not really sure what’s really there to see about it. From there I’ve walked to the Place des Vosges. It had a really nice French style building with a really big water park in front. They had a lot of benches and a lot of people seemed to enjoy their time there by enjoying the sun and reading their books. Then I’ve walked to the Foucault pendulum museum. They had such an amazing thing that keeps floating around the world and keeps the time. It was so impressive. Couple more attractions and ta-da. I was at the muse de louvre.


All the buildings in Paris were different and unique. In most other cities, I felt that I’m seeing the same things again and again and the architecture was so similar but no. Not in Paris. After enjoying my view and taking couple good selfies, I’ve started walking to the Roue de Paris. The whole city of Paris is amazingly designed. It feels like before even first house was built, a city planner designed everything. Especially the road that goes from the Roue de Paris to La Defense, as straight as it could have been. It’s really a straight line for over five miles. You see the La Defense and the Roue de Paris when you just look straight.


I was getting hungry and started looking at my options. I’ve seen a café with French crepes. I didn’t want to take a big risk so I said how bad can a crepe be. Well, Voila! It was so delicious. I’ve found a crepe with raw salmon on top and the mixture and the sauce they’ve used was so delicious. After enjoying my lunch I was back on to the roads of Paris. After visiting couple more famous buildings I was at the most famous tower of Paris. Tour de Eiffel! It was magnificent.


The weather was so warm people were laying on the ground of the park around the Eiffel tower. Well, I wouldn’t miss an opportunity so took my shirt off and joined people around. I was surprised to have such sunny weather in Paris in April. After laying down for a while and resting, it was my time to see the inside of Eiffel tower(They sell tickets by time). I’ve took the elevator and I was at the top of Eiffel. It was so amazing. You could see the whole city and as I mentioned earlier, it was like the whole city was designed before it was built! All the roads were wide and all the subway was amazing and all the attractions were right there with giant parks all around Paris. I was impressed by French people! And while I was walking down the Eiffel I’ve seen a sign comparing the highest skyscrapers in the world and the years that were built. I couldn’t believe the Eiffel tower was built in 1887. It’s so hard to design such a building even today! After spending almost an hour watching the city from top I’ve started going towards my next attractions. SacréCœur. I’ve taken the subway to go there. It was huge and magnificient. All the churhes were so amazingly built in Europe. While I was walking toward there eight black people stopped me. They wanted to tie my hands together with a piece of rope. As you can imagine it wasn’t the most pleasant thing to ask someone. I’ve squezeed my punches and started yelling “no, no, no” and pushing them around the get through them. They were blocking the only path to get to the church. Four of them started walking towards me trying to grab my hands and saying it’s safe, I should trust them. I kept watching my back and walking through and yesss I was finally over them and after I started being louder they’ve stopped chasing me. I’ve walked up to the church and it was really nice. The best part was the view of Paris from the doors of the church. When I got out I’ve seen some cops arresting couple of the people who were trying to stop me and there was an asian couple and the girl was crying. She was telling the cops that they took her wallet so I was lucky not to lose my passport or credit cards(My worst nightmare when I’m travelling in a foreign country!). Then I took the subway back to Arc de Triomphe. 


My friend David suggested it a lot and only problem was he forgot to mention the stairs. Yeah, it doesn’t’ have an elevator so you need to keep climbing stairs for over ten minutes and they’re circular so you get dizzy by the time you’re up at the top. But the view from the top totally worth it! As the last thing before heading back to my hotel, I’ve wanted to find the bridge of romance with all the locks. I’ve checked out all the bridges and finally found it. So many lovers being there and locking their hearts to each other. Nothing more impressive than love in this life for me. I had no girlfriend and couldn’t help but to wish to meet with someone there and just kiss her right on the bridge. It would have been an amazing story to tell everybody. But instead I’ve just sat over there all alone for an hour and enjoyed the romance flying around. So many couples passed by, took photos and kissed each other. I’ll definitely visit that bridge again when I find the special one!


I’ve went back to my hotel and directly fallen asleep after walking over 70,000 steps that day 🙂 The next day was much slower pace as I had my flight. I’ve just took the subway to La Defense. It was the new business district that France was trying to built. All buildings were glass and they had a pretty big shopping mall. Nothing much to do though! I’ve taken the subway and headed to the airport for my next destionation! 

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