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Rome, Italy

I’ve taken an early morning flight from Zurich, Switzerland to Rome, Italy. They have a really good transportation system from the airport into the historical downtown area. When I reached to the station, my first impression was that all the buildings were too close to each other and had no room to breathe. All the cars have parked bumper to bumper and there was no more space than couple inches. Most cars had dents all over them. So I assume while you park, you push the cars in front and behind back and forth until you can fit your car. Best thing about Rome is everything is built so close to each other that you don’t need any kind of transportation. You can just walk from one attraction to another.  All the buildings were magnificent.


I’ve visited the Colosseum and it’s impressive to see such a building still standing today after thousands of years. When you see all these churches and stuff you realize how big of a power was the religion at every age. It was rich enough to build those magnificent structures when everyone else was really poor.




At the end of the day, I had to kill few hours while waiting for my train to arrive. I’ve sat on a coffee shop and wanted to drink some hot tea. The waiter came and started talking in Italian. I said “Can I get some tea” please. He was like “No tea. Beer?” I was like “No, no, no.  Tea please”. He was looking at me and talking really fast in Italian while I was showing my hurting throat and trying to use my body language to mean some hot tea. He went back inside for a second and I looked up how to say it in Italian. “Te con latte, per favore”. When I said this, he was yelling at me like “Te, te, te, no morriarte!”. Later I learnt “Ti” means you in Italian so I kept telling him “you, you, you” which explains why he got mad. But the funny part was he smiled and said something in Italian. After he left, I asked the girls sitting next to me to learn what he said. And they told me he was asking why I’m so mad. I was so surprised because the whole time I thought he’s yelling at me and I was trying to explain myself politely 🙂 He did bring my tea with some milk and honey. Nothing better than a hot beverage with honey and milk when your throat hurts and you’ve given such a huge fight for it 🙂


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