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Seoul, South Korea

After a long flight from Macau, I’ve arrived at Incheon(ICN) airport early morning. The transportation system in Seoul area is really well built. There is trains running from everywhere to everywhere. I took the direct train that goes from airport to the Seoul station. From there I’ve changed to Line 4 to reach to the Hoehyeon station and my hotel was right next to the subway station. After checking in I’ve started walking around and already found one of the most famous locations. Namdaemun Market. It’s many streets with small shops and street sellers. I’ve tried some of the bakery food which is called Wang Mandu. It’s like dumplings but bigger and tastier.

After that I’ve found some rolls which is rice and some veggies wrapped up inside sea weed. A bit more walking and I found some baked stuff with egg on top. All of them were so tasty.

I’ve walked to the top three historical attractions from there. Changgyeonggung and Gyeongbokgung. Both are historical palaces with a flat structure and a lot of buildings inside. They were neither magnificent nor really secure. They were simple and nicely designed. I’ve gone back to my hotel to take a rest. After a bit resting I’ve gone to the Gangham which is the fancy district in Seoul with a lot of shops, cafes and everything you’d look for. It was crazy busy. Too many people were there and none of the cafes had any place to sit. After walking a bit felt really tired and went back to my hotel and fallen asleep. I’ve woken up later that night and started craving for some Korean BBQ.

I’ve checked out few places online and picked up a place with good reviews and headed over there. It was in Myeongdong. Since I love BBQs and cooking myself, this was the right place to be. I’ve eaten so much food that I was barely walking afterwards. But that didn’t stop me from buying an ice cream.

The next day I woke up with full of energy to check out more food and places. First stop was Gangham again and walked around and took some photos. Later I took the metro to Jamsil and there was the third tallest building in the world, Seoul Sky. It was an amazing experience. You go up to 123rd floor and the tower is 630m high. I was above the clouds. It was so much fun to watch the clouds floating around.

Then I found a place that’s made of glass that you can walk on top and see the beneath. Spent almost half an hour on top of it and took many photos jumping on it, sitting on it and laying on top of it.

Then I’ve decided to take the main subway lines and stop at each stop thinking there must be a stop at each important location and I was right. The first place I’ve found was Hyundai Department Store at Samseong Dong station. It was a big mall with a library in the middle. I was impressed by the huge library right in the middle of the mall and they had no security, no security detectors, neither stuff on site lending books. It was all based on trust and everybody was taking their own books and reading them. I was so impressed. The next stop on the subway was Konkuk University. It’s a university with lots of modern buildings. Next to the university there are a lot of small streets with many shops and restaurants.

Really shiny lighting all over and fun arcades and stuff. It’s a fun small town. From there next stop was Dongdaemun Market. There are many high rises with shopping inside. It’s a good place to shop duty free. I went back to my hotel to rest.

The next day was my last day in Seoul. Had to check out from the hotel at 1pm. I walked around the Namdaemun Market and Myeongdong to find some gifts for my cute niece. I’ve walked into a local traditional restaurant. After that I’ve found 32cm ice cream and couldn’t pass without giving it a try. It melt so fast and got so messy. Later I went to the Incheon airport to head back to my home. One of the most remarkable things was that Korean girls love to do make up and they do it everywhere including subway. You see all these girls in the subway putting on make-up.

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