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Singapore is one of the most developed countries in Asia. They have less than 5M population and have a really high GDP of 300B USD. There are no cities or states as it’s an island country. The whole thing is called Singapore. I’ve arrived at Singapore around 6pm and took a cab to my hotel. All the buildings were tall and new and impressive. Their architecture is one of the best I’ve ever seen. You understand how safe it is really quick. After I checked in to my hotel I’ve found out they provide a cell phone with unlimited calls and data so you don’t need to deal with roaming. This is one of the best details I’ve ever seen a hotel thought. I’ve started walking around and checked out few bars along the way and discovered the downtown area. There are a lot of buildings but there weren’t much to do. I came back to my hotel to rest. The next morning I was up really early and ready to explore.

At first I’ve walked the Bugis area and had some street food. Food in Singapore is ridiculously cheap and delicious. I got some chestnuts and some sausages. There was a big farmers’ market. After Bugis, I’ve walked to the Clarke Quay. It’s the entertainment district of Singapore. So many bars and clubs and fun stuff to do but of course it was all empty in the morning. I kept walking to the Chinatown. Then I took a cab to Gardens by the Bay.

It’s the biggest complex for flowers I’ve ever seen. They have one outdoor two indoor gardens. Since I’m not too interested in flowers I did a quick tour and walked back to my hotel. After resting a little bit I’ve gone to the Arab St. and Haji St. Because hookah(shisha) is so common it was a district where people who doesn’t like drinking would go to hang out with their friends. The government banned the usage of hookah but the spirit still stayed the same. They have live music, nice bars and shops to walk through. From there I went to little india. It was really stinky and people were yelling at each other and running around with no respect. It didn’t feel like Singapore at all. Drivers had no respect for pedestrians and I even had a fight with an idiot who was almost hitting me. It took me five minutes to have him realize it’s a pedestrian walk and apologize. I took a cab to go to the club st. It’s a street full of bars in Chinatown. Really nice environment with fun stuff to do but have no idea why it’s called the club st. There were no clubs at all.

I’ve taken a cab to Clarke Quay and that’s where all the fun started. It’s a really big area with all the bars, clubs, live music, drinks and everything else you wish for. It’s right next to a river so has amazing views. I just walked into a live music microbrewery and enjoyed the concert. They were singing top American pop songs and at first I thought they’re doing a playback. And yesss, they were that goooddd. I couldn’t believe it’s actually the singers’ voice. They had three different singers and all were really talented and really close to the real singers’ voice. My ears weren’t hearing well anymore so I headed back to my hotel to take a rest. The next morning I’ve gone to the Orchard area. It’s where all the fancy shopping malls are. Unfortunately it was stormy and started to rain heavily. I was lucky most of the malls had rain shelters so it was easy to walk without getting too wet. Then I head back to my hotel and checked out and went directly to the airport for my next adventure in Bangkok, Thailand.


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