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Vancouver, Canada

I started getting stressed around 11am for my flight at 5.45pm. I’ve tried to play some games not to go to the airport really early. At around 2.30pm, I wanted to eat some lunch and then head to the airport as I’m 10 minute away from the airport. When I got out of my home, I totally forgot my plans and just took a Lyft to the airport. I was there at 3pm and almost three hours to kill. I’ve spend a lot of time researching stuff online and my flight got postponed to 6.40pm. How lovely. I’ve arrived at Vancouver around 9.30pm. When I landed and got out of the airport my brother was waiting over there. He’s always really good with making sure you feel amazing. It was snowing!

I’ve never driven in snow and neither did he. We started driving back to the downtown and everywhere was just white. The car was sliding and we both had no idea what to do. He didn’t get scared and just kept driving straight with low speed. When I asked him if his tires are winter or all season, he didn’t even have an idea 🙂 We made it to home safely. We decided to walk around. We got out to the Greenville St. and just walked around. It was fun and there was a lot of people walking around even though it was snowing. We came home and I’ve fallen asleep pretty fast. We’ve went to the Granville Island the next morning. It was the island for farmers to bring fresh fruits.

We’ve walked into a bakery to get some coffee but they’ve told us, in Canada non-compete laws are harsh and they can’t sell coffee. We’ve bought some delicious croissants from there and found another coffee shop. It was freezing and we needed some hot beverages! After walking around the island and jumping from one ice to another ice not to get wet, we’ve decided to check out another spot.

We’ve driven to Sunset Beach park. It was really nice to be at a beach where there was snow. It looked like a portrait. We just walked for a while and enjoyed our second coffee for the day. Because it was freezing for me, we headed back to the car and driven to Burnaby. It’s a town on the east of the Vancouver. My brother was looking for apartments and I’ve gone with him. All the buildings were high rises and they were all new and glassy. The whole city looked so pretty. And all the apartments we’ve checked was high floors and had amazing views. Vancouver is really a great city to live in. After checking out some apartments we came home and went out for a walk. Vancouver has three main interest points in downtown area. Yaletown, Gastown and the center of downtown. We’ve walked the center and checked out two major streets including Granville. We stopped by an Indian restaurant to get some Chicken tikka masala which was called carve India. It was really delicious! From there we wanted to walk home but my brother thought I’m still hungry and put a stop to a sushi place. I can never say no to a sushi! So I’ve bought two combo meals with 30 pieces of sushi in total. I’m ashamed to admit I’ve eaten them all the same night 🙂 After going home, it must be because of the cold, I’ve felt so tired and fallen asleep. After waking up later, my brother said let’s grab some beer. I’ve looked a distillery from yelp and we started walking around. It was called Long Table Distillery and it was at Yaletown so I was happy to get to see the Yaletown. We’ve taken the road next to the water and walked around in Yaletown but the distillery was closed. We’ve started walking in a street which had a lot of fun bars and pubs. After walking more, we got wet and decided to head home. After a good sleep we were up in the morning to have some breakfast. We wanted to get some crepes and went to Café Crêpe. I’ve got the sweet fresh strawberry crepe with added cinnamon and banana with side of bacon. It was so delicious! Afterwards we just walked around. We’ve taken the bridge and went to the Charleson Park area. It’s a bit south of the downtown separated by the river. It’s really upscale and clean neighborhood. Then we came back home and chatted about Software development and our ideas. It was getting closer to my flight time so we wanted to have dinner and then go to the airport. My brother wanted some Pizza at a real Italian restaurant. I’ve found a place called Pronto and it had really good reviews. Only problem it didn’t have pizzas. But we did have some delicious Italian food. My brother then dropped me to the airport and I was happy to fly back to the sunny land.

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