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Venice, Italy


I’ve taken the red eye train from Rome to Venice(Venetzia) and I’ve arrived with the first lights of the day. The train goes into the islands which was really cool. You get off the train and after five minutes of walking I’ve found a coffee shop and had my first coffee in its’ original location. It was delicioso! Then I started wondering around. They have more than dozens of small islands and they all have small bridges connecting each other.


All the buildings are historical but fancy. They were all colored differently. After getting lost multiple times, I was able to find one of the main attractions. I’ve run towards pigeons and watched them fly. There was the main hall and I was surrounded by all the amazing buildings. And it was really close to the water. Less than five minutes walking, you reach the amazing views of the Mediterranean. They have many churches built right next to water on these small islands and it was magical to watch them from the other sides of islands. I didn’t do any research before going there, they have all these different islands with different famous things. I started looking around to find some restroom but it wasn’t like USA. You need to purchase something to use the restrooms. Well, in the land of delicious café lattes, it wasn’t hard to keep ordering something! I was really tired from walking over 60,000 steps the day before in Rome so wanted to find my hotel. It was in the main island.


I had to wait until the ferries start working. They have a really good ferry system that works non stop. You just need to wait couple minutes to catch the ferry given they’ve started their work hours:) They have a good pass that gives you unlimited rides for three days for a really good price. I’ve made it to Lido island which was where I was going to stay. It’s a strip island which is really slim but tall. They have a bus system that runs from the bottom of the island to the top of it and then it boards to the ferry and then goes to the second island. Which was impressive. I’ve taken the bus didn’t know this was going to happen. I thought worst case, I can walk 10 miles back to my hotel but  I found myself in different island. Luckily it’s a circular route so the bus did take me back to my hotel after sitting inside for a really long time. But no complaints. It was beautiful houses with trees and amazing Mediterranean view throughout the whole way. I’ve taken the ferry back to the main island and visited the early prison where people were sent to never see anyone again in their life. It was sad! I’ve come back to my hotel to rest after walking another 50,000 steps. In the way back, I’ve picked up some Italian words so I was just walking around like an Italian with my limited 6 word Italian knowledge. Being originally from the other side of Mediterranean, they can never understand if I’m Arabic, Turkish, Italian or Spanish. I guess I’m just a normal white guy.


The second day, I’ve started my day early as there were several islands to visit.  I’ve started with the Murano island. It was famous with its’ glass art. I wish I had brought a bigger backpack. My space was really limited so I couldn’t buy any of these really nice artistic glasses. It took me an hour to walk the whole island. After that, I’ve visited the Burano which was this small town with really colorful houses. It looked so pretty. That was the only island with some good food in the ones that I was going to visit that day. I’ve sit in a restaurant right on the coast and it had one of the best views ever. I’ve ordered sea bass which is the famous fish of Mediterranean. It’s been so long since the last time I’ve had it in Turkey. It was so delicious. I’ve enjoyed a nice local wine with it. They also brought me some clams which was the best I’ve had ever. I was so sad to leave the restaurant. I just wanted to live over there and eat it every day. Lastly, I’ve visited Torcello island. It was quite big and a lot of historical buildings. I’ve walked around the island, visited a really old graveyard and whistled through an area that was telling to be quiet. I was like a little brat! Then I rushed back not to miss the last ferry. I just sat on the dock and was waiving my feet out to the sea. I was full of peace. Just took the last ferry and flew back to Zurich

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